PCB Analytical Method Solutions

The complex nature of commercial polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) mixtures is well documented.

The practice of analyzing for marker PCBs (congeners that are most prevalent in technical mixtures) and WHO PCBs (congeners that exhibit “dioxin-like” toxicological activity) has become routine practice in analytical laboratories.  Congener specific analyses are also very important since commercial PCBs can vary in composition on a lot to lot basis and can change once they age in the environment.

Wellington offers method sets, which include calibration kits and support solutions, for the GCMS analysis of PCBs by the following methods:

  • U.S. EPA Method 1668C
  • U.S. EPA Method 1668
  • Environment Canada Method 1/RM/31
  • BS-EN 1948-4:2010 (previous draft method = prCEN/TS 1948-4)

These solutions can be found on pages 65 – 78 of our current catalogue.