Posters Presented by Wellington

Scientists from Wellington Laboratories attend conferences and workshops on a regular basis. We believe that staying up-to-date with emerging environmental contaminants and global regulations allows us to offer the most relevant reference standards to our customers.

Attending conferences also allows us to share some of the research that is conducted at our facility in Guelph through poster and oral presentations. A few examples of posters presented by Wellington are provided below for your review.

Wellington Laboratories Methods

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Dioxin 2017

Dioxin 2016

Dioxin 2014

Dioxin 2013

BFR 2012

Dioxin 2011

Dioxin 2011

BFR 2011

BFR 2010

BFR 2009

Dioxin 2008

BFR 2007

SETAC 2006