Our Personnel

As with most science-based companies, the foundation of Wellington Laboratories lies in our people, their knowledge, experience, integrity and commitment.


Brock G. Chittim
General Manager
Quality Management
Marketing and Distribution
Technical Support


Emma Larente
Office Manager
Accounts Payable

Heather Nell
Office Assistant

Inge Kemsley
Shipper/Documentation Specialist
Order Receipt & Processing

Analytical Support Staff

David Potter
Research Chemist
Technical Support

Rita Sarkany
Research Chemist

Vaishnavi Raja
Research Chemist

Fiona Utley
Analytical Laboratory Supervisor

Research & Development

Jordan Stubleski
Research Scientist
Technical Support

Bonnie Sharratt
Research & Development Chemist

Jennifer Robinson
Assistant Research & Development Chemist

Reference Standards

Robert McCrindle
Professor Emeritus University of Guelph
Senior Research Advisor

Nicole Riddell
Quality Manager
Project Co-ordinator
Technical Support
Research Scientist

Alan McAlees
Senior Scientist

Alex Konstantinov
Senior Research Scientist

Tom Stefanac
Research Chemist

Katrina Tait
Research Chemist

Allison Brazeau
Research Scientist

Yigang Zhao
Research Scientist

Andrew Chung
Research Chemist

Louie Borrillo
Research Chemist

Jeffery Klein
Product Development Supervisor

Scott Synnott
Lead Product Development Chemist

Connor McInroy
Product Development Chemist

Vy Huynh
Assistant Product Development Chemist

Curtis Kiteley
Analytical Chemist

Christine Espina
Product Distribution Specialist

Rio Labrada-Methé
Product Distribution Specialist/Shipper